Pokémon (10)

(2) Goldeen

(2) Seaking

(2) Poliwag

(2) Poliwhirl

(2) Poliwrath

Trainers (10)

(1) Bill

(1) Computer Search

(2) Defender

(1) Energy Removal

(1) Gust of Wind

(1) Nightly Garbage Run

(2) Potion

(1) Professor Oak

Energy (10)

(2) Double Colorless

(8) Water Energy

Professor Oak Says:

Yea, Poliwhirl is so tuff! Look at card. LOOK AT IT. Seaking underrated. A Water deck for the underdogs of the Pokeverse. You could substitute Dewgong for Seaking, but Seaking doesn't get enough love! Yea, this could be a Misty deck. If only Starmie had a better card :'(. ~Wonderful~