Thick Skinned

Pokémon (11)

(2) Diglett

(2) Dark Dugtrio

(2) Dark Gloom

(2) Oddish

(2) Snorlax

(1) Dark Vileplume

Trainers (9)

(1) Bill

(2) The Boss's Way

(1) Computer Search

(1) Gust of Wind

(2) Mr. Fuji

(2) Switch

Energy (10)

(6) Grass Energy

(4) Fighting Energy

Professor Oak Says:

A real technical deck. For the hardcore nerds only. Utilizes Pokemon powers from the bench (i.e. Dark Dugtrio's Sinkhole and Dark Gloom's Pollen Stench). Play Dark Vileplume early in the game after you set up your battlefield and lose a friend for lyf3. Snorlax is the active Pokemon here just soaking up damage and sleeping thru it all. In the anime, there was a hippie dude who played a Pokeflute all day and just woke up Snorlax's, who always had the munchies. L.O.L. ~Wonderful~