Pokémon (11)

(2) Electabuzz

(2) Gastly

(2) Haunter

(1) Lickitung

(2) Slowpoke

(2) Slowbro

Trainers (9)

(1) Bill

(1) Computer Search

(2) Mr. Fuji

(1) Warp Point

(2) Pokemon Center

(2) Pokemon Trader

Energy (10)

(5) Psychic Energy

(5) Lightning Energy

Professor Oak Says:

Electabuzz is sucha strong card. Get him out as your active and Thunderpunch your way thru adversity. Use Slowbro's Strange Behavior to take damage counters off Electabuzz then use Mr. Fuji to eliminate the treat of your Slowbro becoming victim to a Gust of Wind. Haunter and Lickitung help stall if you don't get the Electabuzz. This deck can be real aggresive or real stall like. It's not a quick burn but a slow buzz. ~Wonderful~