Safari Zone

Pokémon (10)

(2) Tauros

(2) Pinsir

(2) Kangaskhan

(1) Scyther

(1) Rhyhorn

(2) Tangela

Trainers (10)

(1) Bill

(1) Computer Search

(1) Gust of Wind

(1) Nightly Garbage Run

(2) Pluspower

(1) Super Potion

(1) Professor Oak

(2) Switch

Energy (10)

(2) Double Colorless Energy

(8) Grass Energy

Professor Oak Says:

This deck has a nice and spicy theme. Only Pokemon you could catch in Kanto's Safari Zone. 30 Safari Balls, some rocks and some bait. Find the Secret House before your time runs up. For fans of the Gameboy game. Is it a good deck. Idk and idc. ~Wonderful~