Pokémon (11)

(2) Doduo

(2) Dodrio

(2) Jigglypuff

(1) Mew

(2) Mewtwo

(2) Wigglytuff

Trainers (9)

(2) Challenge!

(1) Computer Search

(1) Gust of Wind

(1) Item Finder

(1) Nightly Garbage Run

(2) Pokemon Trader

(1) Professor Oak

Energy (10)

(8) Psychic Energy

(2) Double Colorless Energy

Professor Oak Says:

Get Pokemon on the bench to use Wigglytuff's Do The Wave! Promo Mewtwo is such a strong card as well (and looks SO COOL). Dodrio helps reduce the retreat cost of your active Pokemon. Challenge! Wave goodbye to you opponent. ~Wonderful~