Fried Eggs

Pokémon (10)

(2) Pikachu

(2) Raichu

(2) Eevee

(2) Dark Jolteon

(2) Farfetch'd

Trainers (10)

(1) Bill

(1) Computer Search

(1) Energy Removal

(1) Gust of Wind

(1) Nightly Garbage Run

(2) Pluspower

(2) Pokemon Trader

(1) Professor Oak

Energy (10)

(8) Lightning Energy

(2) Double Colorless Energy

Professor Oak Says:

This deck uses the Pikachu from the first Pokemon movie :'). Getting those cards when going to the movie was so awesome! Anyways...this deck is all about disruption. Use Pikachu's recharge to get the energy needed to evolve to Raichu early. Raichu's Agility attack and Dark Jolteon's Lightning Flash attack do modest damage with the possibility of prevent your opponent from attacking the next turn. Farfetch'd provied a resistance to fighting type and is a solid attacker. ~Wonderful~