Dragon Rage

Pokémon (12)

(2) Abra

(2) Kadabra

(2) Alakazam

(2) Magikarp

(2) Gyarados

(2) Chansey

Trainers (9)

(1) Bill

(1) Computer Search

(1) Nightly Garbage Run

(2) Pokemon Center

(2) Pokemon Trader

(1) Professor Oak

(1) Switch

Energy (9)

(9) Water Energy

Professor Oak Says:

If your basic Pokemon can survive the first several turns of the game, this deck becomes very strong. With Gyarados as your active Pokemon, use Alakazam's Damage Swqap ability to take damage counters off Gyarados and onto another Bench Pokemon (like Chansey). Gyarados will never not be cool! ~Wonderful~